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Free writing can be found here on the blog.  Occasional fiction, as well as travel musings, out-of-date pop culture reviews, and whatever else crosses my mind.

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Short Stories:

“The Stepdaughter” in the Tales from Beyond the Woods issue of Enchanted Conversation.

Two Gentlemen Take an Evening Stroll” in issue 17 of Niteblade.

“If You’re Bitten By Zombies, You’re Off the Guest List” available in the Living with the Dead: Year One anthology:
Kindle edition

“Soul of the Ocean,” a retelling of The Little Mermaid, available in Twisted Fairy Tales vol. 2:
From Barnes and Noble


“Melancholy Valentine” available in Strange Valentines from Wortleberry Press.

“Snow, Blood, Ebony” in the Snow White issue of Enchanted Conversation.

“Remember, When They Come” in the March 2012 issue of Enchanted Conversation.

“White Bear” available in the dark retelling anthology In the Garden of the Crow.

Consumerist Spring” at Clutching at Straws.

I Wore Crimson,” at my Patreon.